The cubicle office. Rows of tall walls separate workers with drab eect. The color palette always includes a shade of taupe, the color of moles. Or a bland mix of white, gray and dusty silver, the same used by your local penitentiary. And it provokes the same feelings. Your workstation is stagnant, with little room for customization. You spend your free time searching for landscapes and things to look at, yet spend the work day in confinement. Cubicle offices are morale-killing, disasters.

The open office. Crunched in just a few feet from one, maybe two neighbors. You can hear them type, breathe, and telling you their bad jokes. Their sneezes are your sneezes. Any cross-office disruption might as well be Thor smashing his hammer through your screen. You throw on $200 headphones when you need to do anything besides send emails or chats. Work from home days are scheduled when, “you need to concentrate.” Study after study shows how distracted and unproductive you are simply because of someone else’s decision to save money, save space or just to “be cool.” …

The National Golf Foundation’s annual report concluded something peculiar. The most first time golfers since 2002, but the overall number of golfers continued to drop. Conclusion? Golf needs to be more beginner-friendly. Golf as a whole needs to break away from tradition so they can bring in new fans and players who stick.

Tradition is a great thing, unless it gets in the way of innovation. Here are five ideas the PGA should adopt to grow the game.

1. Complete smartphone access for fans

Fans use smartphones relentlessly at sporting events around the country. Stadiums put fan tweets on jumbotrons and directly urge phone use. The PGA does the opposite. Only recently were mobile devices even allowed, fans can now have their phones if they’re on silent and if they do not take photos or videos. Calls can be made in designated “Cell Phone Zones”. The kicker is the egregious data use policy which allows fans to use data anywhere except for when a golfer is taking a swing — which is exactly when you want to take a video to share. …

As a content strategist, I appreciate the Big G. In fact, I often describe my job as, well, “Googling.”

My ability to quickly gain knowledge in different subject areas would certainly be diminished without search. Actually, it would be wiped away completely. What would I do? Read books?

Numerous search tools and platforms exist to help with ideation and conceptualization, but here, I’m going to focus on just one: Google. This guide will help you unlock the power of search to develop great content ideas.

How to Search

Google processes 3 billion searches every day, Search Engine Land reports, and only a fraction of those are conducted by those who use Google for a living. Use these search tricks to see past the thin, promotional and good old-fashioned spam. …

Hidden behind a perpetual mask of anonymity, they cause anger, frustration, sadness and confusion. They hack, rig and steal information from a system that has no central authority or universal laws. Their reasons differ, their actions always evolving. They have no leader, no structure. This phenomenon that seems like a sci-fi thriller, is the disturbing underbelly of the internet.

Trolls, a term coined in the 1980s for anyone who disturbs the natural conversation of the web. These groups of internet tribes dwell in chat rooms, forums and social media outlets. …

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Have you been called a hipster? Or dished out the term with a snicker? Of course you have, yet finding someone that identifies as a hipster is impossible. This is unique for a societal label. We can get some idea of what a hipster is with an 800 word urban definition or Wikipedia with 29 references.

The definitions will vary, but it’s the first term in history that was created by American consumerism and marketing.

Other labels and stereotypes verify their, at least partial, legitimacy. Hippies admit they are, or were hippies. Metalheads and punks like to be defined by the music they love. Even jocks, nerds and stoners stand on united fronts that deflect attempted insults. …


Milton Herman

Writer. Remoter. Soloprenuer. I like software, startups and side gigs. Plus traveling and sports-ing, Also, beer.

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